The marketing department was established in 1997.  We have faculty members with several areas of expertise including consumer behavior, market research, international marketing, and electronic marketing. The marketing curriculum at the department provides students with a sound understanding of the marketing function and its critical role in the success of organizations in globally competitive environments.

Students learn analytical and communicative skills needed to succeed in brand management, marketing research, advertising management, and other fields within marketing. The skills and techniques of marketing management are also stressed.

The marketing department's primary mission is to prepare students to be contributing members of organizations by providing an education focusing on the marketing function. We are dedicated to developing in our students problem-solving abilities. We also recognize that specific technical skills are necessary to prepare students for entry into the work force; therefore, our department maintains an approach to education that is consistent with existing technologies and methods.

Currently, the department offers a bachelor degree and marketing and has a plan to offer a Master degree in marketing in the near future.






  • To deliver knowledge of marketing concepts, tools and applications that to be utilized in business.
  • To develop marketing skills needed to master marketing activities in the new business environment.
  • To produce a qualified graduates who are motivated and inspired to master marketing skills and activities.

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