Sahafat Al-Yarmouk have witnessed an extended journey for 33 years, and despite being printed newspaper disciple governmental institution, representing by Yarmouk University and dedicated to the purposes for journalism students training, but it’s like other newspapers did not escape from legal accountability from the impact of  press numerous articles published, and may inconvenience the authorities. Also it was alone with an interview with the former Prime Minister Awon Khasawneh since his resignation of his government conducted, made by our colleague Qais Al-Nasser in it’s  657th edition on second of  November 2015, where Khasawneh stressed that the Arab Spring is part of foreign plots to re-divide the region and the face of Islam as a religion and civilization.

In it’s  first of November 2015 , 655th edition, Sahafat Al-Yarmouk was the only to achieve a memorable achievement in the history of the Jordanian press through the launch of the service release is the service (QR code) which is a press "scoop" service that allows the reader to browse the newspaper over the mobile phone across-application (QR  Reader). And in it's 644th edition, Sahafat Al-Yarmouk launched a press campaign named (Yarmouki W Gddha), to critique and evaluate the students' negative attitudes.also In edition No. 646 15th  of May 2015 ,it was distinction issue in «Sahafat Al-Yarmouk» to have an exclusive interview with HRH Prince Raad bin Zaid president of the "friends of the eye bank Jordanian" done by  Batool Mdalal, In which he affirmed that he was implementing the 4500 process horny cultivation even a success rate of 85% and about 100,000 citizen recommended to donate their corneas after their death.

The 648th edition witnessed a special issue on the occasion of getting an independence insignia of the first class, from His Majesty King Abdullah II Bin Al-Hussein for the factuality of Media, to appreciate it for the contributions to excellence in the development of media education and produce graduates qualified academically and professionally and consolidate the values of professional and ethical responsibility they have towards issues society and the nation.
And on second of August, 2015 Sahafat Al-Yarmouk was alone in it’s issue  649th to be the first to have an interview with university president Dr. Rifaat Faouri after the issuance of  Royal Decree appointing him president of the University, done by our colleague Alaa Blasmh, during the interview Faouri stressed that his vision for the work of the university is to raise the level of education and scientific graduates and research, as well as reduced the number of university students, has conducted a dialogue .

The 655th of November 2015 «Sahafat Al-Yarmouk» made an initiative, based on the philosophy of the university to launch an initiative cultural to allocate a cultural street in the city of Irbid in collaboration with various official and cultural bodies in the city. Also in it’s Edition No. 660 on 20th of December 2015, Minister of  State for Media Affairs and the official spokesman of  the government, Dr. Mohammed Al-Momani, stressed in a statement with Rahmeh Al-Shunnaq, that the application of  laws and regulations does not mean retreat from press freedoms, stressing that freedom of the press is protected with laws. year by year, Sahafat Al-Yarmouk witnessed a lot of special creativities' and evolutions, scoring a lots of achievements which made it a special newspaper from its competence all over the 33 years of it's journey, Sahafat Al-Yarmouk had made a lot of exclusive journalistic interviews, Included kings, princes, prime ministers, ministers and many important personalities in Jordanian society.

Sahafat Al-Yarmouk had a solo role in it's 263 number which produced in 1993 in an exclusive interview with his Majesty King Hussain -may god bless his soul-, he declared that he refuses firmly the closing of the journalism and Media department ,and added in his announcement to our colleagues Rania Al-Halabi who works in Al- Jazeera channel now a days and Nasha'at Al halabi the editor of AL-ETIHAD newspaper previously that Alyarmouk is in the heart, consensuses is our weapon , his majesty owner the newspaper by visiting it to know the procedures of work and it's publishing. in 265 number in in "athar/6" 1993 in an Interview with the crown prince Al-Hassan Bin Talal in that date with our colleague Nasha'at Al-Halabi, Al-Hassan emphasized on the role which plays it Al Yarmouk on serving the national community and he took the newspaper a place to highlight the development .in APRI/2008 Lhis majesty king ABDULLAH EBN ALHUSSAIN honored supreme on it's location in the Media and Art faculty in the north campus , to be the second supreme visit to the newspaper which proves the royal interest of it, as a media institution has the appreciation because of its important role of developing the university and the national community. Sahafat Al-Yarmouk held an interview with Princess Bassma Bint Talal, our collogue Heba Alomary, within her highness, assured about strong foundation that university established on the academic relationships, which is the source of her vision of an enter for the woman studies the university established so its role don't has the limitation on the educational search to go farther with having an affective role in the social level including the gender issues. on the 600th edition in 2013/MARCH the previous prime Minster Taher Al-Masri said during his interview with our colleague Dua'a Al-Twaisi that the discussions about forming a government is a prove about the good intention about the institutional royalty. in addition to that, and on it's 610th Edition, in 10/November/2013 our collogues Hiba Al-Omary and Salam Al-Khateeb fulfill Interview with the President Of Jordanian Football union his royal highness prince Ali Bin Al-Hussain he appealed the Citizens to support The National Team, to reach the big dream.