The main goal of the station is to be a part of the local community, to comply with its local academic vision that the station is seeking to be an integral part of the systematic Jordanian media, accordingly it’s keen to reach the largest possible slice of the local community in various denominations.

And to reach to all the target group of people, the diversity of programs offered through the radio contributes to the effective contribution, and the fact that most of these programs directly depends on the interactive, it receives different connections of listeners this is the evidence of the communications interaction and participation by listeners.

Depending on a range of ways to communicate from radio telephones, official page on the social networking  and afield coverage sites, also the work is currently underway for the establishment of a formal and special site for the station that includes many services interests the listener and the provision of information and keep abreast of the news first hand, to have a communication between the station and the audience for the feedback on the social networks, which makes the radio station like an open media organizations for the audience and able to meet their needs through the adoption of a participatory nature in the selection of programs, as well as topics in their programs.

Accordingly, the radio has a relatively large fan base and could impact on the local community in real and do its job in community to development and serve the citizens.

The station cares about what to produce because it’s known as a local community broadcasting in local topics, regional and global issues, and aims to provide an opportunity for the students of the Faculty of media , as well as those who are available to display the talent of other disciplines students at the University of volunteer work within their cadres during their period of study for the sake of giving them practical experience in the field of radio work and the integration of both theoretical and practical.

The radio is also keen to communicate with governmental and non-governmental institutions in the Kingdom in order to spread knowledge and awareness among all segments of society by shedding light on the activities and the nature of the services provided to citizens and to promote a culture of constructive dialogue.

The radio is seeking to strengthen the real benefit of the target audience during in:

  • Training and qualifying the students of the Faculty of Media efficiently to serve their country.
  • Support the concept of sustainable development at the community.
  • Linking the audience with what is going on around locally, regionally and globally.
  • Interest in enriching the dialogue space among the citizens and respect for others' opinions.
  • Encourage young talent and invest their energies in the fields of culture, arts and sport.
  • Highlight the achievements witnessed by the Kingdom in various fields and walks of life.