The human technical  potential which are available :
The station contains a broadcasting devices Montage units which depends on computers those devices still in use from 8 till now without any repairing .  

the station studio  contains :
Broadcasting Room which includes many equipments specialized into preparing the voice single  sending it and prepare it for the broadcasting .
Editing and Montage Room concludes a several computer devises which specialized  into editing the material which I going to broadcast.
Recording Room  where  the material and radio programs is recorded inside the studio.

the station includes a lots of sections in addition to it's administration: 

Programs Sections :which puts the programs schedule for the programs series and  the weekly , daily table also it take the supervising on the  programs execution ,  presenters  performance , choosing the appropriate programs to broadcast at the final touch creating  anew collection of programs . 

News Section : which guides the students to have the ability to write radio news , supervising on preparing news brief and organizing the news according to it's importance . 

Technical Section: this section supervises all the units ,,  technical equipments and to do all the technical things also  providing  all the devices ,  equipments which are necessary for the broadcasting process taking into consecration training the students on these equipments  . 
 In this stage there is enactive section the marketing and advertising section : this section is spossed to do all the advertising and marketing in addition to do all the interviews with the agents signing all the advertisements contracts ,, planning for strategically promotion also to execute the advertisements campaigns and it should take into concedration what is the audience wants , needs . 

according to the human recourses the station consists on 3 supervisors  in addition to it's manger, the station depends on  media students faculty and other students who have the talent the students are chosen according to specific standers  by the end of each semester the station notifies the student that they can be a part of it by registering there names and it has a deadline after choosing the students there is a coordination between the students lectures time and the work.

to give the students the enough experience which prepare them for the labor market the station puts an academic scientific  program . 

  • theoretical preparation stage. 
  • Prepare field reports and Montague stage.
  • news preparing stage . 
  • Technical education through dealing broadcast and recording devices stage. 
  • the art of dictation training stage. 
  • Training on the presinting stage by  programs and reports were  registered. 
  • the stage which consists on presenting news briefs and programs broadcasting on the air. 
  •  as a secondary audition there is a field reporter stage .
  • as a major presenter on the air stage .