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The first issue of Sahafat Al-Yarmouk newspaper was published on 26 December 1982, to become the first printed newspaper released outside the capital of Jordan,Amman, and continues until now, which coincided with the founding of Journalism and Mass Communication Department in the Faculty of Arts, to be the training laboratory of all students who are practicing different journalistic works. Thus, it was and still the nucleus of creating students’ skills and knowledge of journalistic professionalism.
The philosophy of Yarmouk University (YU) is based on community service, whereforeSahafat Al-Yarmouk plays this role and leads this task effectively by shedding light on various issues on its pages, and following-up with officials and decision-makers to help in problem-solving frameworks.

During 33 years, Sahafat Al-Yarmouk has successfully passed up to impose itself on the local journalism, and as a distinctive landmark in the YU’s achievements at national and Arab levels.Sahafat Al-Yarmouk exceeded the idea of a print interested in academic training, but also started competing various publications and news organizations by publishing many of high-quality scoops, which made YU different from other Arab universities in having a unique print newspaper, with a regular weekly news publication.

Yarmouk University is keen to provide all supplies of human and technical assistance to Sahafat Al-Yarmouk, which ensures its successes and presence in the area. Also, it seeks to become a daily newspaper and launch a news website. Its editorial policy adopts the national message of press freedom, and depends on core values of honesty, objectivity, integrity, impartiality, and independence, and keens to promote these values in students while they are practicing.

To reach a wide rage of readers, Sahafat Al-Yarmouk was the first newspaper in Jordan that  has used the QR Code to allow readers to reach website links that contain photos videos and other links.


Welcome to the Faculty of Mass Communication at Yarmouk University. We’re proud to have one of the largest and most innovative journalism and mass communication programs in Jordan.

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