Radio and Television Studios

Radio and Television Studios

The mission of the Radio and Television studios is to provide students in the department of Radio and Television and students in the college of Mass Communication in general with an environment that fosters the development of their skills in video production and editing and lays their hands on the fundamentals of working in the field of Radio and television. It allows them to learn and gain the essential technical skills that assist them in producing their curricular assignments besides giving them a realistic opportunity to be prepared to work in the areas of specialized Mass Communication, especially in video and audio production.

The 3000 m2 studios consist of different facilities:

  • A TV studio (Gallery and Plateau)
  • An Audio Production studio
  • An Editing Lab equipped with different editing systems : Betacam, Umatic, Sony Vegas, Adobe premier and Final Cut Pro
  • A facility for outdoor Video Production equipped with Cameras and their accessories which can be utilized by students to produce their class Assignments


the studios are administered by our experienced staff of professionals in filming, editing and TV and Radio production. The service provided by the studios focuses mainly on the students of the Mass Communication College but are not exclusive to them, Students from different colleges can also benefit from it. In addition, the studios offer their service to the local community and works in conjunction with the Radio and television corporation in special occasions and events.
The studios also keep an archive of students’ projects even after their graduation and are equipped to do maintenance services for the studios different equipments.
The Radio and Television studios continue to improve its resources to adapt with the progress and development in the field of TV and Radio production.


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