Yarmouk FM

Yarmouk FM

Yarmouk FM radio station was founded in 2006 as a fruit of cooperation between Yarmouk University (YU), Western Kentucky University, and US Internews Network. In 2007, especially February 18th, Her Majesty Queen Rania formally ingurated the station. Sincethat time, Yarmouk FM serves the local community, and gives YU students in general, and Mass Communication Faculty students in particular, practical experiences by preparing and broadcasting daily and weekly programs. 

Yarmouk FM considers the first community radio station in Jordanian universities, which carries its name. The significance of havingthis station comes from covering news in the North of Jordan and communicating with the listeners. In addition, Yarmouk FM is spreading the vision, mission, and activities of YU in developing the local community.


Welcome to the Faculty of Mass Communication at Yarmouk University. We’re proud to have one of the largest and most innovative journalism and mass communication programs in Jordan.

Phone : 027211111 (6900)

Fax : 0096227211148

E-mail : mass.fac@yu.edu.jo

Address :Yarmouk University, Irbid, Jordan

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