Media College organizes a training workshop on quality assurance

‏The College of Mass Communication organized a training workshop for its academic staff on quality assurance, in cooperation with the Commission for Accreditation of Higher Education Institutions and Quality Assurance. The workshop focused on accreditation standards and the mechanisms for their implementation.

The Dean of the College, Dr. Khalaf Al-Tahat, said that this workshop comes in response to the mission and vision of Yarmouk University to raise the general level of academic programs and ensure that they apply the Jordanian regulations and standards of quality .

Tahat added that the College has formed internal committees to continue with the procedures for obtaining a quality assurance certificate in order to enhance its competitiveness at the national, regional and global levels, based on the foundations of the spirit of creativity and innovation, mastering tasks and dealing with transparency, and most importantly, promoting and spreading the culture of quality among the academic and administrative staff in academic programs.

Assistant Head of the Accreditation Authority for Quality Affairs, Dr. Zaid Al-Bashaira, presented a general definition of quality standards and the mechanisms for working on organizing standards. He also presented the most prominent classifications and levels of a quality assurance certificate accredited in Jordanian education. For his part, Assistant Head of the Accreditation Authority for Accreditation, Dr. Zaid Al-Anbar, presented the national general framework for qualifications and its relationship to quality, as well as the nature of the relationship between the university aptitude examination and quality assurance standards, especially the standard for academic programs.

Director of the Center for Accreditation and Quality Assurance, Prof. Dr. Abdullah Khataybeh, praised the efforts made by the College of Media to improve its performance to be the best and rely on competent Jordanian expertise and those with expertise in the field of quality. Subsequently, the university advanced in local and international rankings. He added that the concept of quality assurance is increasingly gaining importance, by adopting scientific standards to reach high educational outputs commensurate with the characteristics of the approved graduate at Yarmouk University, and to assist the university's colleges to raise their level of performance and qualify them for local and foreign competition.

The workshop was attended by the Chairman of the Graduate Studies Committee at the College, Dr. Zuhair Al-Tahat; the Assistant Dean of Media for Quality Affairs, Dr. Farhan Olimat; the Chair of the Quality Assurance Committee, Dr. Nasreen Abdullah; and members of the College's Quality Committee.


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