‏"Al-Yarmouk Media holds" an economic symposium on the occasion of the centennial of the Jordanian state

‏"Al-Yarmouk Media holds" an economic symposium on the occasion of the centennial of the Jordanian state




The President of Yarmouk University, Dr. Nabil Al-Hilat, sponsored within the celebrations with the University of Jordan. the symposium organized by the University, media, technology through visual communication , entitled "A future view of the Jordanian political and economic situation after a hundred years", and by hosting the former Deputy Prime Minister Al-Anani, and it was attended by a number of faculty members and the college administration.

‏ Al-Hilat said that the organization of this symposium today comes in the context of the celebrations of Yarmouk University, on the Jordanian state’s website, this occasion that is dear to the hearts of all Jordanians, and it also comes within the university’s agenda for the Kingdom’s celebrations on the occasion of the glorious anniversary.

‏ Al-Hilat period refers to this development, which included all fields and in the periods before, and there were resources in the stage of man-made, educated and educated Jordanians who are able to provide a decent life worthy of themselves .

‏ The Vice President for Administrative Affairs, Riyad Al-Momani, and the Dean of the College of Media, Dr. Khalaf Al-Tahat, said that the first plan was drawn up in 1973 and has a duration of two years, and the estimated expenditure was 179 million 7 thousand job opportunities to obtain this result in terms of job opportunities.

‏ Al-Anani believes that the economy is based on participation in education, from the wealth of human resources and expertise, building institutions and the wealth of skills and technology, indicating that the next stage in our economic journey and human resource management will distribute jobs among the public sector and reduce expertise in expertise, minds and competencies.

‏ .......... Security ... security in the land, dress, and the change in the pattern in our natural resources, as well as the good management of capital in terms of investing the economy in industry and achieving food, considering that the absence of competition in the economy is also a problem.

‏ Al-Anani stressed the demand to move from the amount to our economy in our economy to compete for investment, we possess knowledge and capabilities, and we possess capabilities and we have already gone through difficult experiences, but we were able to face them by converting capabilities into successful opportunities.


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